Lisa Kristin

Raised by an adventurous family, who travelled the world, I learned in an early stage of my life that I want to capture the beauty of this world and put my own stamp on it. With an insatiable appetite for the unknown and an adventurous soul, I wander a path full of open minds and trusting eyes, guided by willing feet to be one with the scenery and the beauty life brings.

I turned my passion into a profession after graduating from Die Graphische, a higher art school in Vienna. I started my career as a professional photographer in 2007, by founding my own business Lisa Kristin Photography. Since 2011 I have become a Master trainer for Samsung and Fujifilm giving classes all over the globe. I do presentations and workshops as well as providing photography expertise at conventions such as Photokina and Fujifilm Roadshow.

Photography areas: sports photography, portrait photography, documentary photography, image photography, product photography, press photography, wedding photography, event photography;

Clients: Fujifilm, Samsung, Corona, Enyzmpro AG (Vichy und L’Oreal), Blue Tomato, Volkstheater Wien, …

Nowadays I am based in Austria from where I travel around the world meeting great people on inspiring shots.